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Investments & Savings

Give your money the opportunity to grow with built-in safety!

We advise on the following types of Investments and Saving Plans:

Unit Linked Bonds

This is where an individual or company invests a lump sum of money for an unspecified period of time. There are many funds available and these can be low, medium or high risk depending on what each individual client requires. A regular income may be taken from the fund.

Tracker Bonds

Suitable for lump sum investors. These generally have a fixed return of between 90% and 110% of the original amount invested and also the prospect of additional growth depending on the performance of the underlying assets. The term is usually between 3 years 6 months and 5 years.

Split Deposit Bonds

Very similar to Tracker Bonds but these bonds pay out a percentage, usually 25%, of the original capital after 12 months with a high deposit rate. The balance of the original investment is tied to a tracker bond as described above.

Points to note when thinking about investing or saving

• Your attitude to risk is very important when trying to find a suitable investment for you.

• You need to carefully consider the term you can invest for or if you will need access to your money?

• Is it a lump sum payment or regular payment plan?

• What are the tax implications?

Savings Plans

Whatever financial goals you set for yourself, getting there will require a certain amount of saving. And now is a good time to start. So, whether you want to build a lump sum for yourself, or give your children a flying start in life- by putting away a little away each month, you might be surprised just how soon you can achieve that goal. As with Lump Sum Investing there are numerous funds available from which to choose. Low risk, medium risk, high risk and lots in between. The important thing is to consider what type of saver you are and get started for as little as €75 per month!

As seen above there are numerous investment opportunities and savings plans available. That’s where we come in. With our experience and expertise, we can identify the plan that best suits your needs, plans and attitude to risk.